How to decorate your wildstar house and its surroundings


As we all know Housing is one of the core feature with a huge potentials in WildStar,Housing means a lot of things to different people, but we can agree that customization and decoration are the main housing functionalities.Decorating your house and its surrounding can make your house to be unique.

Some decor items increase the resting bonus experience. You’ll probably receive a few before hitting level 14. Now you can put them in a crate by right clicking them and access the crate through the third button on the toolbar (the box icon) and you can see how much bonus to rested experience each item gives. Click on the decor item and right click anywhere you want to place it. Right click on the placed decor and it moves back to the crate (there is a button to return every placed decor back to the crate).

Once you place the decor, you can edit it -change its size with a small slide bar underneath, rotate it (hold the right click on one of two green handle bars around the item) or access advanced controls by clicking on the wrench button on the decor item. There you can link this item to another decor item so they move, rotate and scale together. Just click on the link button and right click on a decor you want it linked to.

If you have enough time and creativity you can combine decors and create something unique this way. On the left side you will get another screen where you can adjust its size, rotation and position and copy those settings so you could just paste them to another item.Additional decor items can be bought by pressing the fourth button on the toolbar.


enjoy your powerful wildstar path with cheap wildstar gold


In WildStar, besides the race and class, your character has to choose also one of four Paths, which gives you more missions. What is more, you get special skills for levels in your Path. Those Paths are:

Soldier:This is Path for those who likes fighting. As a Soldier you will get mostly quest of killing. Sometimes you may get a mission of murder or protect somebody. You will also save civilians from hands of cruel monsters or mercenaries.
Back Into the Fray – heals 100% HP. Only out-of-the-battle use.
Tactical Retreat – allows to take you and your team to the safety.
Combat Supply Drop – drops a box with weapon for you and allies next to you. This weapon allows to use skills like stuns etc.

Settler:This Path is dedicated for those, who like collecting resources and building new structures or helping others. In this Path you’ll get quests about building new houses, finding materials. You’ll also make machines providing you with buffs or even shops. All of that, of course, in specially marked places.
Settler’s Campfire – allows you to set up a fire which increases healing and maximum health for an hour.
Summon: Vendbot – creates a shop which buys everything from you for sixty seconds.
Report Home – creates portal to your house.

Scientist:This Path should be chosen by those who have time for experiments. To make it, you’ll usually need your Scanbot. You can summon him by clicking on the item and use function “Scan” to examine it. Missions describe what you should examine.You can also get a mission of finding and examining a plant or an animal. You may also search for some ancient artifacts.
Holographic Distraction – summons a clone who distracts enemies.
Summon: Group – summons a group to you.
Create Portal: Capitol City – opens portal to the capitol.

Explorer:This is Path for those who likes exploring whole map or wander around forgotten ruins and caves. In one mission you may be climbing onto the gigantic trees and in the other one fall into the cave nested by the dangerous animals. You can also get a mission to find some artifact which was hidden or lost long rime ago. You will be also drawing maps for your faction. Sometimes, Explorer plays also a spy, set up cameras and hunt down animals or people.
Explorer’s Safe Fall – Damage from big falls are decreased for a given time.
Air Brakes – It stops you in the air and let you admire views and make another jump.
Translocate beacon – lets you save your current position and then teleport to it. Unavailable during PvP.

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WildStar Class Guide:How to play a DPS Engineer


Engineers in Wildstar are a ranged class sporting heavy armor and an arsenal full of technology-based weapons. Making use of their armor they can either wade into battle as tank, or sit back and melt faces without a fear for their life. What the Engineer lacks in subtlety or nuance, they make up for in raw fire power and ass-kickin’ attitude. This guide will cover the basics of bots, explosions, lightning guns, bulls-eyeing womprats in your T-16 Exo Suit, and everything else you need to know to play a DPS Engineer.


In PvP, Engineers are resilient damage dealers with fantastic damage output and solid defenses. They excel at fighting in relatively small, open areas, as they lack many of the tools necessary to chase fleeing enemies, disengage when the going gets rough, or kite their more agile opponents. But between their high damage, strong defensive capabilities and sustained damage, they’re a force to be reckoned with in head-on battles.

In PvE, Engineers are much like any other ranged damage class. A bit less mobile than their Esper and Spellslinger counterparts, but more equipped to take down large numbers of enemies. The Engineer’s telegraphs tend to be quite large, allowing you to tag and burn though large packs of enemies simultaneously. Their heavy armor shouldn’t really come into play when fighting enemies at a range, but can be a real boon if your tank loses threat or you take an unexpected hit.

Though Engineers don’t have particularly large bursts of damage, they have a lot of fast-ticking channeled abilities and excellent sustained damage, letting them stay relevant throughout an entire fight. You’ll be something of a shock trooper, able to wade through combat dishing out large amounts of damage while taking a beating, but unable to out-maneuver your opponents.

Something You Need To Know About WildStar Runes


Equipment in Wildstar is not all about the stats. While these are very important in helping you flesh out a build or role, they’re only the starting point for gear customization and optimization. Particularly at later levels, you’ll have access to greater numbers of rune slots, and it becomes important to plan out which rune sets to use in order to get the most out of your gear. Entre Runecrafting!


Runecrafting is not exactly a trades kill per se, but it behaves much like one. There is no leveling to be done, or patterns to be learned,, or talent points to be invested, but it using a similar crafting interface and idea. What it boils down to is you select an element and available stat from a pool of attributes within that element, then craft the rune. You then socket this rune into a similarly elementally-aligned slot on your gear, and voila! You just gained additional attribute points.

While getting more shields, brutality, girls, or max health is all fine and dandy, the true power of runecrafting lies in the use of set runes. There are currently 30 rune sets in the game, each of which can provide a unique bonus or effect to your gameplay, and all of which can offer substantial improvements to your damage/healing output or utility. Each class has 2 class-specific rune sets that introduce an interesting new mechanic or improve existing skills, and all classes have access to the general rune sets that can dramatically improve your efficiency in combat. Each role has several notable rune sets, such as Assassin or Weapon Specialist for DPS, Focus Regen and Team Player for Healers, and Crsyalize and Shield Specialist for tanks, but they can be mixed and matched to suit your palystyle and enhance your role. One thing’s for sure, though… they’re very potent. Optimizing your rune choices can result is as high as a 30% boost to damage output or significantly increase your healing or tanking prowess.

General Notes on Runes
1.You cannot place 2 identical runes in a single piece of gear. Multiple runes in the same set, element, and even attribute are fine, but not all 3 at once.
2.Runes come in 3 power levels that determine how much of a bonus they provide. Primary runes give the largest bonuses, followed by Secondary, and finally Tertiary.
3.Omni rune slots can hold any rune.
4.Similar rune set bonuses stack. For instance, both the 4 and 8 point bonus for the Assassin Rune set increase your Assault Power.
5.Most greens and blues feature 0-3 runes. Purples typically feature 3-5 rune slots. The best known roll for rune slots is 6.
6.Each item has a roll of X-Y number of rune slots and then rolls the element of each of the rune slots. Ideally you want 6 Omni Runes, but a grab bag of 3-5 elemental runes is much more reasonable to expect.
7.Each time an item is crafted/purchased/dropped it rolls for number and type of rune slots. So you can buy the same piece of gear repetitively until you get a set of rune slots that appeals to you.
8.Each rune set can only be crafted with certain elements and with certain stats. It is important to match your existing rune slots to your potential rune sets before crafting them so they don’t go to waste.
9.Each rune set can only be crafted with certain elements and with certain stats. It is important to match your existing rune slots to your potential rune sets before crafting them so they don’t go to waste.

Wildstar Talent Calculator variant:Action Set Builder


In Wildstar you get to choose 8 skills (out of 30+) to use during gameplay. You also get to invest Tier points, that you get while leveling, to upgrade the skills you chose to use. This Wildstar Talent Calculator variant is called the Action Set Builder.

Bellow you can choose which class you will play and see all the available skills (that we managed to see in the press level 1-15 NDA drop) and what they do and you can create an Action Set you think would be the most suitable for your character once you start playing Wildstar.


Engineer is a ranged tank class with pets. He (or she) can dish out high damage while questing and also help out its group with various innovative tanking techniques. Depending on your Action Set you can spec to be medium or long range skill class.


Esper will take his/her Psy-Blade and convert all their Psi Points into damage. They are a burst damage class that can also be specced for healing. They prefer to do things at range so there is a variety of crowd control options available


Medic, by definition, should be the primary healer in a game. In Wildstar, things are not as simple. You can spec your Medic to be DPS machine at mid to short range as well as a world class healer. If you are looking for a more dynamic style of healing play, than Medic can be speced in such way to provide you with that experience.


If you like to pewpew your enemies into melting goo using Pistolero’s style SpellSlinger is the class for you. Long range, mobility and high burst is what he provides and you can spec him for healing with addition of crowd control for good measure.


Slice and Dice is your game? Pick Stalker for all the stabby action your hearth desires. Glass cannon, avoidance tank, sustained damage dealer; these are all the builds you can go after by picking certain skills and AMPs for your character. Bellow is an online tool to help you accomplish just that, out of game and with no in-game currency loss.


Warrior class in Wildstar is designed to either dish out or soak up damage. Close combat tank with a ginormous two handed sword. Bellow you can find the Wildstar Warrior Action Set Builder (or Talent Calculator if you prefer that more) that can help you decide which skills to take with you to combat.


The Unique WildStar Mounts detailed introduction


Mounts or speeders are important feature in every game, and that is the main reason why Carbine team has put a lot of effort to make this form of transportation fan and unique. WildStar will provide mounts (speeders) in a form of creatures and vehicles, which can be categorized as ground and flying mounts. Some WildStar mounts will be introduced early in the game, through quests or like a temporary mounts, but, when you reach higher levels, there will be permanent mounts with different abilities. Since the cost of the first mount is 10 gold, our suggestion is to start saving your money on time.

Dominion Mounts

 ws-Dominion Mounts

Exile Mounts

ws-Exile Mounts

Mounts bought from mount vendors can’t be customized, but, you can buy mounts and customization items from various vendors in the city – renown vendor, reputation vendor; along with modifications for hoverboards and other mounts. Mount price depends on reputation level you have achieved with your faction. The higher reputation level, the lower price will be.

Mount customization are items you can attach to your mount, and change its appearance. There are 4 spots on which you can attach customization items: Front, Rear, Left and Right Flair. After buying mount customization item you have to use it from your inventory and then tag it inside your mount customization window. Mounts customization window can be accessed from the Character Screen Window (by pressing key button “P”), under Mount tab.

Mount customization

Mount Tips

1.Mounts have sprint ability that makes them even faster.
2.Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
3.The only areas with known mount restrictions are PvP Battlegrounds and Arenas,and PVE instances.

WildStar Crafting & Instances Tips and Tricks


WildStar will released in just less then 2 weeks , before your jump into Nexus world .There are a list of things you should know to make your Nexus adventure more easy and smooth.Today we sorted the tips and tricks for Crafting and Instances into groups that will help your check want you needed on them much better.


1.You can start salvaging items at level 8
2.You can start crafting (tradeskill) at level 10
3.You can right click on nodes to harvest them instead of attacking them.
4.If you cancel mid-craft you lose all your mats.
5.How do you craft a rune? At lvl 15 you got a quest at the engraving station. make sure to scroll down and do “show all”.

Instances / Groupplay
1.Dungeons and Adventures earn you reputation with your faction
2.The group finder has a button to teleport you to the instance, while in an instance party. This is quite useful in case you end up outside by accident.
3.If you plan to visit the early dungeons / adventures, try to acquire some support gear first, because they are pretty hard if you go in with the DPS gear (either as a tank or healer).
4.When you mentor down you can’t use potions above the level you are mentored to.
You can gather a group and walk into a dungeon/adventure 3 levels before you can use the dungeon queue.
5.Warplots require 10 Warparty members to be online before the Warparty can queue.