FIFA 16 TOTY Prediction

The formation used is always 4-3-3 and the shortlisted players can be found here. It’s that time of the year again and we actually have some new faces instead of the usual ten players and then a random selection, I’m looking at you David Luiz.

Manuel Neuer – GK – 90 OVR
If you asked 100 football fans who they thought the best keeper was in the world the vast majority would say Neuer. This is arguably because of the amount of attention he fifa coinsfrom his unorthodox approach but either way I don’t think that you can argue with this selection regardless. I would expect Neuer to claim this award for at least the next three years including this one.

Dani Alves – RB – 84 OVR
Alves is often referred to as the joke player of TOTY however this season he actually deserves to be there and on top of his reputation it makes him a very good bet for his inclusion into the side. He icked up 11 assists in the 14/15 season which is quite a tally regardless of the amount which Barcelona score.
Sergio Ramos – CB – 87 OVR
Ramos in my eyes is not among the best defenders anymore, still brilliant but not the best. His reputation is so high that I can see him being blindly selected however, largely down to the offensive work he does. He is still only 29 years old and will most likely be involved for a few years yet, at least while he is regularly playing for Real Madrid.

Iniesta- CM – 88 OVR
I received a lot of hate for this selection last year and I would imagine that the same will occur again this time around. What needs to be understood is that the voting system favours those with a high reputation and Iniesta has exactly that. Once again I fully expect to see him included in TOTY and he is the only player in midfielder which I think is a certainty with the other two spots being wide open.
Toni Kroos – CM – 87 OVR
This selection is another which can be classed under controversial however there is logic behind it. With the midfield spots being wide open for selection the likelihood is that last years side will be the the back of peoples minds and with ADM being an obvious no that leaves Kroos who has not had a bad season by any means.

Neymar – LW – 88 OVR
I can not remember the last time that one of the three Ballon D’or final three nominees were then not included in the TOTY. Neymar is one of those three players and thus I can not ignore the Brazilian winger. The other option was obviously Barcelona teammate Suarez and I probably would have selected him had I done this before the final three was announced. No prizes for guessing the remaining two players.
Lionel Messi – RW – 94 OVR
I am not going to enter the debate of who I think is better between both Messi and Ronaldo as it can be argued both ways. What is clear however is that they are both world class players and will go down among the very best players to ever have lived. Messi scored 58 goals and assisted another 31 in just 57 games. That him directly involved with 1.5 goals per game on average, impressive stats to say the least.
Cristiano Ronaldo – LW – 93 OVR
It was harsh to give Ronaldo a lower rating than Messi at the beginning of the game and although that is probably because they wanted the cover boy to be the highest rating it would have been more than fair to make them both 94/93 rated. Ronaldo’s TOTY should easily make the iconic 99 rating seeing as he is already up to 96 and they need leeway for a TOTS as well. Similarly to Messi Ronaldo also directly contributed to over a goal of fifa 16 coins with 61 goals and 22 assisted in the 14/15 campaign.


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