How to defend when 2:0 leads

This is a guide to solve your problem. Score a goal on the match doesn’t means you get the victory, fut 16 coins is go on, your opponents are try to score. Have you fail a match even if you leads your opponents with 2:0 early ? Why you losing the match?

The most important when you met the situation of 2:0 leads is adjust mentality, it can decide who is controlling the game. In fact, the score of 2:0, usually you are in control. Don’t be too relax and make sure the victory. What you need to do is try to score the third or forth goal.

Of course, you can switch to defensive. Try to send the ball from the CB,LB,RB, and change the flank with a long ball to the other wing back quickly, and you must make sure you have enough space.Or You can try practicing with a 5 back formation, and stick extra defenders and CDM on your bench, when you get 2-3 goals ahead load up the midfield with CDM and add a CB.Just off interceptions alone you will halt alot of attacks, but be careful because its easy to abuse the wings against cdms and inadequate fullbacks. In my personal opinion,most people when they are losing switch to High Pressure, playing Counter attack or balanced helps combat this. This will help you gain control in midfield as their midfielders will push up quite high.

You can buy them with FIFA 16 coins. I wanna to say, choose the top players with high attributes in every position can make sure more victory.



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