How to decorate your wildstar house and its surroundings


As we all know Housing is one of the core feature with a huge potentials in WildStar,Housing means a lot of things to different people, but we can agree that customization and decoration are the main housing functionalities.Decorating your house and its surrounding can make your house to be unique.

Some decor items increase the resting bonus experience. You’ll probably receive a few before hitting level 14. Now you can put them in a crate by right clicking them and access the crate through the third button on the toolbar (the box icon) and you can see how much bonus to rested experience each item gives. Click on the decor item and right click anywhere you want to place it. Right click on the placed decor and it moves back to the crate (there is a button to return every placed decor back to the crate).

Once you place the decor, you can edit it -change its size with a small slide bar underneath, rotate it (hold the right click on one of two green handle bars around the item) or access advanced controls by clicking on the wrench button on the decor item. There you can link this item to another decor item so they move, rotate and scale together. Just click on the link button and right click on a decor you want it linked to.

If you have enough time and creativity you can combine decors and create something unique this way. On the left side you will get another screen where you can adjust its size, rotation and position and copy those settings so you could just paste them to another item.Additional decor items can be bought by pressing the fourth button on the toolbar.


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