WildStar Class Guide:How to play a DPS Engineer


Engineers in Wildstar are a ranged class sporting heavy armor and an arsenal full of technology-based weapons. Making use of their armor they can either wade into battle as tank, or sit back and melt faces without a fear for their life. What the Engineer lacks in subtlety or nuance, they make up for in raw fire power and ass-kickin’ attitude. This guide will cover the basics of bots, explosions, lightning guns, bulls-eyeing womprats in your T-16 Exo Suit, and everything else you need to know to play a DPS Engineer.


In PvP, Engineers are resilient damage dealers with fantastic damage output and solid defenses. They excel at fighting in relatively small, open areas, as they lack many of the tools necessary to chase fleeing enemies, disengage when the going gets rough, or kite their more agile opponents. But between their high damage, strong defensive capabilities and sustained damage, they’re a force to be reckoned with in head-on battles.

In PvE, Engineers are much like any other ranged damage class. A bit less mobile than their Esper and Spellslinger counterparts, but more equipped to take down large numbers of enemies. The Engineer’s telegraphs tend to be quite large, allowing you to tag and burn though large packs of enemies simultaneously. Their heavy armor shouldn’t really come into play when fighting enemies at a range, but can be a real boon if your tank loses threat or you take an unexpected hit.

Though Engineers don’t have particularly large bursts of damage, they have a lot of fast-ticking channeled abilities and excellent sustained damage, letting them stay relevant throughout an entire fight. You’ll be something of a shock trooper, able to wade through combat dishing out large amounts of damage while taking a beating, but unable to out-maneuver your opponents.


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