Wildstar Talent Calculator variant:Action Set Builder


In Wildstar you get to choose 8 skills (out of 30+) to use during gameplay. You also get to invest Tier points, that you get while leveling, to upgrade the skills you chose to use. This Wildstar Talent Calculator variant is called the Action Set Builder.

Bellow you can choose which class you will play and see all the available skills (that we managed to see in the press level 1-15 NDA drop) and what they do and you can create an Action Set you think would be the most suitable for your character once you start playing Wildstar.


Engineer is a ranged tank class with pets. He (or she) can dish out high damage while questing and also help out its group with various innovative tanking techniques. Depending on your Action Set you can spec to be medium or long range skill class.


Esper will take his/her Psy-Blade and convert all their Psi Points into damage. They are a burst damage class that can also be specced for healing. They prefer to do things at range so there is a variety of crowd control options available


Medic, by definition, should be the primary healer in a game. In Wildstar, things are not as simple. You can spec your Medic to be DPS machine at mid to short range as well as a world class healer. If you are looking for a more dynamic style of healing play, than Medic can be speced in such way to provide you with that experience.


If you like to pewpew your enemies into melting goo using Pistolero’s style SpellSlinger is the class for you. Long range, mobility and high burst is what he provides and you can spec him for healing with addition of crowd control for good measure.


Slice and Dice is your game? Pick Stalker for all the stabby action your hearth desires. Glass cannon, avoidance tank, sustained damage dealer; these are all the builds you can go after by picking certain skills and AMPs for your character. Bellow is an online tool to help you accomplish just that, out of game and with no in-game currency loss.


Warrior class in Wildstar is designed to either dish out or soak up damage. Close combat tank with a ginormous two handed sword. Bellow you can find the Wildstar Warrior Action Set Builder (or Talent Calculator if you prefer that more) that can help you decide which skills to take with you to combat.



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