WildStar Level 30 Adventure Guide-The Siege of Tempest Refuge



Basic info
1)Level 30 adventure available for Exiles and Dominions.
2)You will find the entrance in Whitevale, in the middle of Calmwater Lake, near Protostar Camp. You’ll have to dive in order to reach the entrance.
3)his is a Tower Defense type of adventure.

Your task is to defend a generator inside a base, from Dominion or Exiles attackers, depending on what faction you are playing. Enemies can attack your base and generator located in western part of the map, from three different directions. They appear in waves, and you’ll have four waves of trash mobs, before a boss shows up. This pattern repeats five times. Enemies come on foot (groups of melee and range mobs), from the air (dropping bombs, mines), or drive vehicles (tanks loaded with heavy fire, explosives).

There are 10 different bosses in this adventure, but you’ll face 5 random bosses during one adventure run. Unlike previous adventures, which forced you to stay alive if you want a gold medal, this time you can dye as many times as you want, but dying too often causes the following penalties:
1.Your respawn timer and ability to rejoin the battle increases with each dying. You can resurrect players while defeating trash mobs, but not during the boss fight.
2.Morale bar in the top left corner of your screen drops evenly over time, but it drops faster if any member of your party dyes. Upon reaching 60/30/0 Morale Bar points, players get Debuff called Exhausted. This debuff decreases your outgoing damage and healing by 5%/10%/15% and your dash and sprint regeneration by 20%/30%/40%.

At the end of 5th wave, run back to the generator. Numerous adds will rush toward the generator in the last attempt to destroy it. This time you’ll have a help in a form of an airstrike attack. Everyone, including players, who are far away from the generator will dye.

If you fail in protecting the generator in western part of the map, you have to return to Skywatch in eastern Siege of Tempest Refuge. It’s much easier to protect this generator, but it means that you’ll receive only bronze medal.





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