WildStar Crafting & Instances Tips and Tricks


WildStar will released in just less then 2 weeks , before your jump into Nexus world .There are a list of things you should know to make your Nexus adventure more easy and smooth.Today we sorted the tips and tricks for Crafting and Instances into groups that will help your check want you needed on them much better.


1.You can start salvaging items at level 8
2.You can start crafting (tradeskill) at level 10
3.You can right click on nodes to harvest them instead of attacking them.
4.If you cancel mid-craft you lose all your mats.
5.How do you craft a rune? At lvl 15 you got a quest at the engraving station. make sure to scroll down and do “show all”.

Instances / Groupplay
1.Dungeons and Adventures earn you reputation with your faction
2.The group finder has a button to teleport you to the instance, while in an instance party. This is quite useful in case you end up outside by accident.
3.If you plan to visit the early dungeons / adventures, try to acquire some support gear first, because they are pretty hard if you go in with the DPS gear (either as a tank or healer).
4.When you mentor down you can’t use potions above the level you are mentored to.
You can gather a group and walk into a dungeon/adventure 3 levels before you can use the dungeon queue.
5.Warplots require 10 Warparty members to be online before the Warparty can queue.


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