WildStar Tips: How to mining step by step


First of all you need to know, in the WildStar, character level must reach 10 before they can learn life skills, if you reach 10, and under normal circumstances the system will guide you to learn life skills. So how to mining in it? First you must find the following life skills instructor, through dialogue, then after that you can choose Mining.


After the completion of the mission, system will send you a mining tool, if you do not find, you can also go to the grocery store next to the mining tool.


But for 10 of you, the price is a little expensive, so honestly with the task of sending mining tool bar. Here began mining work, will appear as an icon in the field of ore or copy, you can right-click on the ore to mining, mining equipment, tools if you do not, you can use the skills to attack the ore to be collected, but only if you must learn mining skills.


There are five grades of ore, such as your level is a mining, you can capture an ore, you can view your current mining experience through the key T.


The most interesting planet in WildStar, the ore likely to attack you alive, but this will come alive ore rewards more lucrative.If you could touch mined in the wild, and that there will be several different ore let you capture, but the time just two minutes.


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