WildStar Strategy:Detail Analysis of Primary PVP map Walatiki Temple


WildStar PVP map Walatiki Temple is a novice map, basically a Xinshoucun can enter the system through the team this map.Press N to open the team system, choose Practice Grounds, then select Walatiki Temple below, then click on the Join The Fight.


Walatiki Temple play description:
This map is 10 vs 10 players against the map.
Game victory was won five masks within the specified time.
This map is structured as follows:


Yellow dots: Mask Refresh place to get the mask needs to continue for some cast time, in the middle will break any harm this action. 3 refresh random locations in the start mask.
Red dot: movement speed buff spawn points, pursuit of the enemy or the buff when transporting masks can be very helpful to you.
Blue Point: damage increase buff, with it, you find that you can better reap the enemy.

Anyone mask when transporting movement speed will be reduced, and when you use the displacement and other skills such as jumping sprint let you lose the mask.If you are killed by the enemy While transporting a mask,it will fall, and there are a few seconds of protection mechanisms, this time the enemy can not pick up the mask. You can melee when the parties to the other camp to steal the mask, preferably two or more relatively high success rate, because the other people in the camps may have a squat, you need a person to take the lead or force will kill each other.
Do not think this is just pure PVP, good teamwork and excellent command of the team is usually the key to winning this game.


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