WildStar Strategy: Detail analyses about Social System


WildStar will finally release in 2 weeks. As we all know PVP plays an important role in the game,in order to make full preparation for the WildStar release.We will have a deep analyses about WildStar Social System and how to add friends in game ,which will help you play PVP better.

After entering the game, put your mouse to move the lower left corner, click Open.

wildstar tips

After opening you can see all of the information bar, as well as shortcuts to the right of them.
Commonly used are:
B: skill bar
P: Role column
N: hunt group bar
I: backpack Bar
M: View Map
L: View Task
O: Social Bar
K: deputy column

Using a variety of information on the column u can just log in game to find the answer by yourself.

wildstar tips

Entered, select O: Social column.

wildstar tips

There are four major sections under Social field, namely contacts, neighbors homes, guild associations, as well as circles. The following is divided into friends and contacts friends, rivals the CIA, ignore the blacklist, as well as the players suggested recommendations.

wildstar tips

Friends are divided into categories 2, player games Friends and account account friends. The type of game friends list below is blue, account friends are yellow.
First, the game will teach you how to add friends, friends of players must be in the same camp within the same server.Click to add player, then put your friend’s name written in the above figures, the following message is your message, for example, tell him who you are and the like.
Determine the correct click add, and then wait for your friends to confirm it.

wildstar tips

With friends after, you can modify manage friends, from top to bottom are:
remove: Remove Friend
add to friends: Add to Friends game
add to rivals: Adding to the CIA
ignore player: Add to blacklist

wildstar tips

Followed by the guild bar, you can view guild info Guild info.guild roster guild members can view a variety of information and its management rights.Of course, you can also view guild levels and skills.Guild rely influence influence to upgrade, among guild members often together as long as the team will be able to enhance the leveling influence of the Association.

wildstar tips

circle, similar to the simple style of the Society, without spending can be established immediately, just a name, and three kinds of management class name on the line.Although similar to the guild, but the circle does not have any honors achievement system only


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