WildStar makes your life full of wonders


“Wildstar” takes place on the contested planet of Nexus, which both the freedom-loving Exiles and the order-focused Dominion have both claimed as their own. Selecting either Exiles or Dominion will give you access to certain races, like the Exiles’ hulking Granok, or the Dominion’s robotic Mechari. From there, you can customize your character’s sex and appearance.

What sets “Wildstar” apart from similar titles is that it lets you select both a class and a path. Class is a pretty straightforward choice: warriors excel in melee combat, engineers focus on ranged support, medics can heal party members, and so forth.

Paths, on the other hand, determine how you’ll play the game. Depending on your class, you’ll get different quests, story arcs and side activities. Explorers chart unexplored territory, soldiers dive into combat at every opportunity, settlers make wild lands habitable, and scientists unearth the secret history of Nexus.What makes paths interesting is that they confer useful skills for every class, so any class and race will theoretically mesh well together. A warrior-scientist is a perfectly viable combination, as is a medic-soldier.

Combat is not the traditional “target an enemy and auto-attack” affair. In “Wildstar,” you fight foes in real-time, and you need to right-click for every swing of your weapon. Each weapon has a different attack arc, meaning that you can take on multiple foes at once, depending on your class. You can also see enemies’ special attacks before they come, giving you an opportunity to dodge out of the way  to get your enough WildStar Credits.It’s not quite as involved as a regular action game, but it’s miles ahead of traditional MMOs.


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