How perks work in WildStar ?

ws housing perk

In the WildStar Housing system,One thing we have not yet previously heard about is the perks that go along with housing, so this is pretty exciting. We now know that when you log out and rest at your house, you’ll be getting a sweet rested XP bonus. More than that, the more things you have in your house, the bigger your bonus will be. This is a neat feature and will help incentivize players to actually care about and work on their houses.

Another major set of perks is the plug-socket system. In addition to your actual house, your sky plot will have different preset “socket” areas where you can “plug” in additional buildings, facilities, or peripherals. You can build plugs like a personal crafting bench, a mine for gather ore materials, a garden for harvesting ingredients and the like. In the video we also saw a helicopter pad option, but I have no idea what exactly that will be used for. Maybe helicopters will act as a sort of flying mount?

Plugs will give out daily quests, resources, and other cool perks. They’ll take time and energy to build and maintain, but the rewards seem to be worth the effort. I mean, a reliable place to mine crafting materials? Sign me up! Scouring MMO worlds for mats is one of the most tedious aspects of crafting systems but if you care enough about crafting to put the effort in, you can skip that. There is a good chance that you’ll be able to sell those materials for WS credits in an Auction House and turn an easy profit.


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