A Good Way to Make Credits on WildStar

A player can acquire huge sums of credits by using the Wild Star,auction house. You need wildstar credits for making purchases in the game,for leveling professions, and for repairing and training. A player can earn gold by gathering, farming, completing quests and crafting. Players need crafted and gathered items to make their characters more powerful. The best way to sell those goods is through the auction house. With some research and a Wild Star auction house add-on, you’ll be able to take advantage of the market and make a fortune.

buy ws credit guide

Choose what items to sell. Check the auction house for the price and supply of an item before crafting or farming it. Compare that price to the cost of raw materials. The best prices and fastest sales usually come from high-level goods gathered from the highest-level zones. You may also find underpriced items while searching the auction house. Consider buying and reselling these items.

Choose something difficult to farm, such as golden pearls or essence of air. These items have an extremely low drop rate and are used in powerful enchants for low-level characters. You’ll have a more difficult time cornering the market if you choose something common.



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