How to Raise Attributes in Wild Star Online

wildstar skills


In “Wild Star Online,” your character’s attributes determine how much health you have and how hard your attacks hit — and by extension what kind of content you can comfortably attempt. There are some distinct ways to increase your attributes, all of which are necessary to maximize your character and its efficiency.

Every time you do the Wild Star power leveling up, your character’s attributes automatically increase. A completely naked level 1 night elf warrior, for example, has 19 strength, 24 agility, 22 stamina, 20 intellect and 20 spirit; at level 90, the same warrior has 212 strength, 137 agility, 188 stamina, 39 intellect and 67 spirit. The primary attributes for the character’s class, in this case strength and stamina, increase at a higher rate than stats that are not very useful, in this case agility, or stats that are completely useless to a character, in this case intellect and spirit.

Improving Gear
Several professions offer ways to improve items and increase the amount of attributes they give. Item enchantments can be crafted by enchanters, tailors, blacksmiths or leatherworkers and can be applied to any item, although they are restricted by that item’s slot. For example, the Blurred Speed enchantment, which increases agility to higher level and also improves movement speed, can only be applied to boots. Cut gems created by jewelcrafters also exist, but can only be added to items that have sockets.



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