Wild Star Credit Making Techniques

wildstar guide

Credits has numerous uses at all levels of play in the massively multi-player computer game, “Wild Star.” With an abundant supply of  wild star credits, players can purchase valuable gear like weapons, armor and elixirs, regularly repair damaged equipment, gain access to higher levels of flight speed and gain numerous other benefits. Knowing how to acquire a steady income of gold can make game play much more productive and enjoyable.

Crafting Professions:There are many crafting professions by which players can create valuable items such as weapons, armor, potions and enchantments that improve players’ combat abilities. If a player progresses through a crafting profession along with the gathering profession that relates to it, he can produce valuable items without having to spend money on basic supplies. For example, a player who advances through blacksmithing and mining will rarely lack the ore he needs to make weapons and armor.

Daily Quests :At the maximum level, players have access to a group of quests that can be repeated every day. Quests normally reward players with a combination of credits and experience points, but at the highest level, the experience points a player would normally earn are converted to additional gold. Players who repeat these quests every day can earn a large amount of gold along with numerous other benefits, such as reputation with the various factions.


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